DPF Cleaning & Assessment

If your DPF light is illuminated in the dash, it most likely means that your DPF isn’t regenerating effectively, or even at all.

This is because your diesel particulate filter has become blocked which can sometimes be caused by the style of driving or the types of journeys undertaken. It can also be caused by a sensor or some other component part of the regeneration process failing. When you come into Gleneagle Motors, our team can assess the situation and explain all this to you in more detail.

DPF Doctor

Gleneagle Motors are members of DPF Doctor – a network of independent garages who receive specialist training in assessing and cleaning DPFs.

Save Time and Money with a DPF Assessment at Gleneagle Motors

Often, work is done on DPFs that doesn’t need to be done – perhaps they are replaced unnecessarily. At Gleneagle Motors we first carry out an assessment of your DPF to find out exactly what the problem is. As the DPF is a self-cleaning filter, if it’s getting blocked, that can indicate an issue with the system or possibly a mechanical issue. Once we know what is causing the problem, we can fix it.



If you spot the light on in your dash, it’s really important that you bring your car straight into Gleneagle Motors because if you keep driving when the DPF light is on, it can lead to DPF damage and ultimately, very costly damage to the turbo. At our fully equipped workshop in Dunfermline, we can clean the DPF, avoiding the need for an expensive DPF replacement. Give us a call today.

Gleneagle Motors is proud to be a member of Approved Garages – a network of the very best local garages in the UK, selected because they are trusted and because they are recognised to have the best industry training and equipment.

To find out more about DPF Cleaning & Assessment in Dunfermline, contact us online or call us directly on 01383 727649

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